Day of Fire Lights It Up on Losing All

Day of Fire’s new album, Losing All, is one that surely will grab your attention right from the get-go. The album kicks off with ‘Light ‘Em Up’ (hence the play on words in the post title), a song that wouldn’t feel at all out of place on a Velvet Revolver album.

My buddy Ryan (he’s who I am referring to in most of these posts when I use the term ‘my buddy’) had previously heard Day of Fire and described them to me as a Stone Temple Pilots-esque outfit. Judging by both my comparison and his, it’s apparent that the lead singer, Josh Brown, elicits a Scott Weiland vibe. Not a bad thing by any means…as long as he keeps heroin at bay.

The next track, ‘Hello Heartache’, is about — you guessed it — heartache. Windows Media Player told me that one of the composers of this song was Chris Daughtry, which doesn’t surprise me one bit. If you like Daughtry, you’re probably searching YouTube for this song right now. If you don’t like him, don’t write the song off just yet.

Track three, ‘When I See You’, has a harder edge to it and, judging by the chorus, is about realizing you haven’t appreciated someone who was there for you:

I’m righting all my wrongs still your gone wonderin when I’ll see you again
Missed the times you call to tell me of all the love that you had for me back then.

If you have heard of Day of Fire previously, it’s most likely because of track five on the album, ‘Lately.’ I embedded the song below so that you can check it out.

The second half of the album (Losing All has 13 tracks total) is just as strong as the first half, with tracks like ‘Landslide’ and ‘We Are No One’, and has a few more ballad-esque tracks, including ‘Never Goodbye’ and ‘Long Highway.’ By now, you’ve either stopped reading this post if the genre doesn’t interest you, or you are already playing the video below.

Personally, I think that Razor and Tie should push to get Day of Fire at Rock on the Range — they would fit in perfectly with the other acts. Plus, I’m gonna be there so then I can see them in concert. Bonus.

I’d recommend Day of Fire if you like: Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver, Godsmack

If you like Day of Fire’s sound, be sure to also check out our review of Tenpoint.

Head over to the Day of Fire MySpace page to get more information on the band and view their tour dates with Sevendust and Nonpoint!

Check out the first single from Losing All, ‘Lately’, here:

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As first reported on Underoath’s MySpace Page, Aaron Gillespie — Underoath’s drummer/singer — will be leaving the band on amicable terms after their current European tour.

Here is the statement from their MySpace blog:

We are taking this opportunity to sadly inform you the six of us have decided at the end of the current european tour, Aaron will no longer be playing in Underoath. This was not a decision made in haste but a thought out and prayed upon group agreement. It in no way effects any of the shows left on this tour. They will still be our best efforts and enjoyable experiences for all. For the future, Aaron will be pursuing other musical and ministry endeavors. As for the rest of us we will continue to work hard on the new Underoath record. We appreciate the love and support from everyone in the past and hope that all of us will continue to receive your support on our future paths. We love you guys. ….
.. ..
Tim, Grant, Aaron, James, Chris, and Spencer….

The comments to this post range anywhere from shock to disappointment, with more than several people saying that the band will now be no good without Aaron’s drumming and vocals.

Their album They’re Only Chasing Safety was quite possible the first album that got me into heavier music, so this is disappointing news. If you aren’t familiar with Underoath, here’s the video for “Reinventing Your Exit”, from the aforementioned album. You’ll hear Aaron’s vocals right at the beginning of the song:

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As reported first on, here is Aaron’s reply to the previously posted story about Aaron Gillespie Leaving Underoath.

I am more then aware the the news you have heard of seems rash, and probably hasty. I wanted to be able to write a few thing down here to maybe help you understand a bit, or at least clear up the rumor mill before it starts grind like a mo fo’.

1. Underoath and i have parted ways. Yes that is a true statement. There is no bad blood, there is no anger, i was in that band for eleven years, i love every person with my whole heart, i love the music we made together, the shows we played and the good times we had. People change, times change, and sometimes change just comes hunting for you.

2. Yes i will continue to play in the almost. I will also play acoustic, as well as speak and do other musical/ ministry type things.

3. Yes underoath will remain a band, yes without me.

4. I really still love you, alot.

5. I am still giving drum lessons, all your appointments will be honored and kept.

6. Everything you read here is true, regardless of what your friends or internet connection might tell you.

7. Its all good. listen to uo, listen to the almost if you want, times change, roll with the hurricane.

I love ya,


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We’ve featured All That Remains several times before (here is a link to the All That Remains Review we did a while back and another to the Concert Review) and they are one of my favorite metal/metalcore/whatever bands, so I’m pretty excited to bring you this news:

As first reported by, here is a press release from All That Remains regarding their new album:

All That Remains fans can rejoice. The band is set to begin recording the follow up to 2008’s Overcome, their biggest-selling release to date. Pre-production begins this week at Zing Recording Studios in Westfield, MA on the as-yet-untitled album. Returning to the producer’s chair is Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz, who previously helmed the band’s 2006 release The Fall Of Ideals as well as 2004’s This Darkened Heart.

The band is obviously stoked about getting back to work with their buddy. “So I’m home from six weeks filling in on vocals for Killswitch, get to our practice space, and there’s Adam D again!!! FUGG!!!” joked ATR’s lead singer Phil Labonte exclusively to “We’re in ‘time to make the donuts’ mode, and the donuts are metal tunes! We’re pumped to be working with Adam again. Nothin’ like making music in the spring with good friends in Massachusetts.”

“Like I haven’t had my ‘Phil’ of Phil from ATR as he was ‘Philling’ in on the last K$E tour,” said Adam D to Noisecreep. “When they asked me to do the new record I GLADLY accepted. Although their practice space reeks of stale beer, Burger King farts, and ‘Chicopee tears’, I’ve heard some of their new stuff and it sounds like it’s gonna be pretty sweet! Expect blazing leads, Greek chugs, some female bottom, a good amount of eastern Mass kicks, and big vocals from a little man. Har har har!”

All That Remains is targeting a fall release for the new album. The band is also planning a coinciding headline tour in support of it.

If you forgot what these guys sound like (or have never heard of them), here is one of the singles off 2008’s Overcome, ‘Chiron’:

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