As first reported on Underoath’s MySpace Page, Aaron Gillespie — Underoath’s drummer/singer — will be leaving the band on amicable terms after their current European tour.

Here is the statement from their MySpace blog:

We are taking this opportunity to sadly inform you the six of us have decided at the end of the current european tour, Aaron will no longer be playing in Underoath. This was not a decision made in haste but a thought out and prayed upon group agreement. It in no way effects any of the shows left on this tour. They will still be our best efforts and enjoyable experiences for all. For the future, Aaron will be pursuing other musical and ministry endeavors. As for the rest of us we will continue to work hard on the new Underoath record. We appreciate the love and support from everyone in the past and hope that all of us will continue to receive your support on our future paths. We love you guys. ….
.. ..
Tim, Grant, Aaron, James, Chris, and Spencer….

The comments to this post range anywhere from shock to disappointment, with more than several people saying that the band will now be no good without Aaron’s drumming and vocals.

Their album They’re Only Chasing Safety was quite possible the first album that got me into heavier music, so this is disappointing news. If you aren’t familiar with Underoath, here’s the video for “Reinventing Your Exit”, from the aforementioned album. You’ll hear Aaron’s vocals right at the beginning of the song:

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